About Us

Wensum BNI is a group of local business people working together to promote each others’ businesses and develop their own.

Each week, during the meeting, we educate our ‘sales team’ (ie. the other Members) on what we’re looking for in terms of referrals for our business in the upcoming weeks. Then later in the meeting is the time for referral giving when we tell the group what business we have found for our fellow members during the course of the previous week and also receive referrals from the other Members for our own businesses.

In terms of amount of business that is passed in our Chapter, in October 2010 we averaged 3 referrals per member, per week. In the 6 years that we have been meeting we have passed over 9,000 referrals and if you average that out at £250 per referral it works out to over £2,250,000 of business passed in our group alone. Obviously we understand that some referrals will be less than £250 but also some will be considerably more.  We’re proud to say that the largest referral given in our Chapter was for a £400,000 contract – so BNI does work!

We are keen to meet other professional, local, business people that are serious about their business. Whether you have been in business for years, have just started up, or are even considering starting up your own business we would welcome you along to a breakfast on a Wednesday morning that suits you.

What does it cost?
If what you have read has sparked an interest and you’d like to come along one morning it will cost you the grand sum of £10. This includes a full English breakfast, or if you don’t fancy that, toast, cereal or yogurt and as much tea and coffee as you wish to drink.

Can I bring someone else with me?
Of course! The more the merrier.

How do I book to come along?
We will need a confirmation of numbers of seats required for your visit on the monday before the Wednesday you plan to visit. You can confirm by contacting one of our Members or alternatively emailing: info@bnifakenham.co.uk and we will get back to you.

Is there a restriction on what businesses can attend?
We only allow one member per type of business (eg. one builder, one accountant etc..) and you can see the members we have here: http://www.bnifakenham.co.uk/chapter-members but if you are unsure please do ask. We also have  a list of categories that we are looking for here: http://www.bnifakenham.co.uk/vacant-positions

Can I visit any Wednesday?
Yes, we would welcome you along on any Wednesday that suits you. We do have a few diary dates that may be of extra interest to you – we call these ‘stack days’ and on these dates will be concentrating on having certain business types, that work well together, along and you can see these dates here: http://www.bnifakenham.co.uk/events-diary
But you are welcome on any date that suits you.